Professors Journal. Series: Russian language and literature

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Lyubov P. Klobukova

Doctor of Pedagogy, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, Professor, Honorary Professor of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Head of the Department of Russian for Foreign Students in the Humanities, Faculty of Philology, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Research interests: theory and methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language, professionally-oriented teaching of the Russian language to foreign students of non-philological profile, studies in educational, scientific and professional fields of activity, scientific style studies, languages of humanities, language of business communication, theory of linguo-didactic testing. The author of 540 scientific publications.

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Light memory of Pavel Aleksandrovich Lekant – the great scientist and remarkable person
Book Review: Davydova T.T. Zamyatin encyclopedia. Moskow: FLINTA, 2018. 744 p.
Polysindeton as a means of achieving emphasis in émigré lyrics of Georgy Ivanov
As a white "trooper-maiden" turned into a red one. About unexpected prototypes of the main character of Alexei Tolstoy’s story “Viper”