Issue #2 (2) 2020

Professors Journal.
Series: Russian language and literature.
№ 2 (2) 2020


Basis for allocating foreign students of film universities in independent learning profile

Alina Meshcherikova, All-Russia State Institute of Cinematography named after S.A. Gerasimov (

The reasons for allocation foreign students of film universities in an independent profile of teaching Russian as a foreign language are considered in the article. Teaching in the film universities involves multispecialization. Multiprofiles specializations of students, typical for the film university, and the mismatch of professional communicative skills with the needs of foreign students in other humanitarian profiles, attest to the objective need for the cinematography profile to be singled out as an independent direction in the teaching methodology of Russian as a foreign language.

Key words: film universities, learning profile, multispecialization, cinematography profile, mixed-subject groups.

Speech mistakes as a means of developing professional speech skills in foreign law students

Elena Demidova, Moscow State Pedagogical University ( 

Julia Martynenko, Moscow State Pedagogical University (

The article deals with the problem of teaching foreign students the language of law. As an effective means of teaching, the authors propose a system of exercises based on the material of errors in business writing. Researching the typology of such errors, stylistic editing of the text allows to increase the level of proficiency in professional speech and prepare students for future professional activities.

Key words: specialty language, official business style, speech errors, foreign students.

The basics of scientific communication as an aspect of teaching students-philologists professional scientific speech

Nesterskaya Liya, Lomonosov Moscow State University (

Nikolenko ElenaLomonosov Moscow State University (

The article raises issues of training students-philologists scientific and professional communication. Discusses the problems of professional language personality, the specifics of scientific discourse ,originality of the use of language means in different levels while creating written and oral scientific text.

Key words: professional linguistic personality, scientific communication, scientific discourse, written and oral scientific speech.

About the philosophy of language and speech style of the academician V.G. Kostomarov

Vladimir Annushkin, Pushkin State Russian language Institute (

The article is devoted to the scientific work of academician V.G. Kostomarov, who celebrated his 90th anniversary in January 2020 and passed away two months after the anniversary celebrations. According to the author, the scientific works of the scientist represent a constant ascent from one new idea and concept to the next ideas and concepts, embodying the eternal search and constant scientific diligence. The article assesses the work of the scientist in the last two decades, when V.G. Kostomarov’s talent as a writer-stylist who observes «life» and «use of language» and expresses original and perspective judgments about it flourished in a special way.

Key words: Vitaly G. Kostomarov, Russian language, style, philosophy of language, norm, correctness.

What are new approaches to studying the stylistic system changing in understanding its essential qualities? (Оn publishing of a book: Kostomarov V.G. Stylistics, love of my life… St. Petersburg: Zlatoust; Moscow: Pushkin State Russian language Institute, 2019. 184 p.)

Kira Rogova, St. Petersburg State University (

The article is a review of a new book by academician V.G. Kostomarov, dedicated to presenting his original concept of stylistics as «the top of language learning» in action. 

Key words: Vitaly G. Kostomarov, stylistics, text, constructive-style vector, content-target imperative, use of language.

A human planet. To the bright memory of the academician Lyudmila Alekseyevna Verbitskaya (17.06.1936 – 24.11.2019)

Liubov Klobukova, Lomonosov Moscow State University (

The article is dedicated to the memory of Russian Academy of Education, Dr hab., Full Professor Lyudmila Alekseyevna Verbitskaya. An outstanding Russian linguist and a major organizer of higher philological education and teaching of Russian in Russia and abroad, Honorary President of Russian Academy of Education, Full Knight of the Order of merits to the Fatherland, Honorary Full Professor of a number of leading Russian and foreign universities, Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg.

Key words: Verbitskaya Lyudmila Alekseevna, experimental phonetics, orthoepy, Russian Academy of Education, Russian as a foreign language, ROPRYAL, MAPRYAL, Russian as the state language.

International symposium «Russian grammar: active processes in language and speech»

Ekaterina Vinogradova, Lomonosov Moscow State University (

The article presents an International symposium «Russian grammar: active processes in language and speech» which took place in Yaroslavl on 2019, May, 17-19. It provides descriptions of plenary reports and main topics of the symposium.

Key words: Russian language, grammar, symposium.

Scientific meeting «Bestiary as ars combinatorica (Res et Verba-8)»

Dovgy Olga Lomonosov Moscow State University (

The paper presents brief information on the intercollegiate scientific meeting “The Bestiary as ars combinatorica” (RES et VERBA-8)” held at the RSUH on January 18–19, 2019. The central preoccupation was art of combination expressed in bestiary categories. As usually, the meeting turned out to be multidimensional: philologists, historians, and cultural scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Vladimir took part in it.

Key words: Bestiarian meetings at RSUH, RES et VERBA, ars combinatorica.

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