Issue #2 (6) 2021

Professors Journal.
Series: Russian language and literature.
№ 2 (6) 2021


On the semantic communicative parameters of Russian zdravstvuite / zdras’te

Anna Korosteleva, Lomonosov Moscow State University (

The study is carried out within the framework of semantic communicative analysis. The article is devoted to the functioning of the word zdravstvuite / zdras’te as a unit of the language communicative level i.e. the system which reflects the ratio of the positions of the speaker, the listener and the situation qualified by them. The article defines the invariant parameters of the word zdravstvuite / zdras’te and shows them functioning. The article also discusses the use of the unit zdravstvuite / zdras’te in a literary movie dialogue where it is endowed with an aesthetic function i.e. it conveys the type of character of the hero, the type of relationships between the characters and a certain type of qualification of the situation.

Key words: language’s communicative level, Russian communicative semantics, invariant parameters of the means, functioning of means, aesthetic function of communicative means, spoken film dialogue

«You will be lost in the crystal for nothing!» Literary «Hoffmanianism» by Osip Mandelstam

Viacheslav S. Malykh, Izhevsk (

Mandelstam’s unfinished translation of Hoffmann’s fairy tale «The Golden Pot» as one of the significant sources of themes and images that are constant for Mandelstam’s poetics (in particular, the image of crystal) is analyzed in the article. The influence of the «Hoffmann myth» can be traced in the formation of Mandelstam’s aesthetic program, which is opposed to Symbolism. Hoffmann’s associations are also revealed in Mandelstam’s understanding of poetry’s «inner image» and in composition of the musical theme in his creative work.

Key words: Mandelstam, Hoffmann, Acmeism, Symbolism, poetic.

Semantic content of the concept «Sorrow» in the novel  by B. Pasternak «Doctor Zhivago»

Dmitrieva N.M., Orenburg State University (

Schelgunova J.V., Orenburg State University (

The article is devoted to the study of semantic content of the ethical concept «Sorrow» in the novel by B. Pasternak «Doctor Zhivago». The content of the lexeme «sorrow» is determined on the basis of dictionary entries, and the correlation of the concept «Sorrow» with the concept «Suffering» in the Russian language picture of the world (microconcept – macroconcept) is considered. The authors identify the main meanings of the concept, embedded in the Christian tradition, their artistic implementation in the text of the novel and the main verbalizers.

Key words: concept of sorrow, ethical concept, explication, verbalizers.

Interpretation of time and eternity in the context of philosophical and scientific concepts in the novel by M. Shishkin «The Letter Book»

Mariia V. Bochkina, Moscow, (

The article analyzes the interpretation of the phenomenon of time in the novel by M. Shishkin «The Letter Book», in which the most ancient and modern scientific and philosophical concepts are refracted. The author pushes the limits of the novel world to the scale of universe. Time is interpreted not only as a measure of earthly life, the coordinates of human existence, biological cyclicity, but also as a cosmic phenomenon. Nature and the cosmos are spiritualized in the novel, the universe is understood as a harmonious and reasonable system. Eternity and immortality in the «Letter Book» are not abstract, but actually exist in the world itself.

Key words: time, Mikhail Shishkin, The Letter Book, modern Russian literature, neomodernism.

Distance teaching lessons

 V.V. Dobrovolskaya, Lomonosov Moscow State University (

The article suggests the idea that one of the most important tasks of teaching Russian as a foreign language is to analyze the results of work within the framework of distance teaching for the best organization of full-time training, as well as an analysis of what should be taken into consideration or developed to optimize distance teaching, based on the experience of in-person teaching. The article offers an example of such an analysis.

Key words: in-person teaching, distance learning, Internet resources, activation of independent work of students, strategy of providing language material, emotional contact, choice of a teacher’s position.


The effectiveness of interethnic interaction of foreign students

in Russian higher education as a factor of academic achievement


Natalya Pomortseva, RUDN University (

Marina Kunovski, RUDN University (


Russian education is becoming more and more popular in the global educational space, which brings to the increasing number of foreign students in Russian universities, contributes to the interest in the Russian language and culture, and actualizes the problem of effective interaction between representatives of different ethnic groups. The basis of such interaction is the Russian language, which necessitates the development of effective strategies, models, mechanisms that promote productive interethnic interaction in Russian in the educational environment of an internationally oriented university. The article presents systematized research results, the projection of which would have a positive effect on the academic achievements of foreign students in Russian higher education.

Key words: interethnic interaction, intercultural communication, educational environment, adaptation, multi-ethnic group.


«Life is jubilation»

(M.V. Panov as an editor of the magazines «Grotexny Mnogopotam»

and «TraNvai 13»)


Elena Kallo,

International Language Center “Language Link” (

Anna Lileeva, Lomonosov Moscow State University (

The article is a continuation of the previous one «Give me a magazine – hooray for the game!», published in No 1 (5)/2021 in the «Professorial Journal». The article presents memories of M.V. Panov recorded by his students, transcripts of conversations with Panov, as well as materials from the home magazines «Grotexny Mnogopotam» and «TraNvay 13», which were created in 1985 – 1998 on his initiative.

Key words: home journal, memoirs, publication of records of conversations and materials.

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